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Adventures on space!

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    On a distant region on the deep space, maybe one that is not reach for our photograph technology, a mysterious intergalactic traveler exist, a subject with a spaceship capable to travel to distant places on the universe, seems that at some point, this traveler become lost, and just the time will see which type of destiny would get.

    World Development: Basically space on that 3 levels, you know dark matter cubes, asteroids, etc… and there are a lot of strange ships and stuff that is hard to say if they are unmanned or have some kind of intelligential extraterrestrial being behind them.

    Game Synopsis: Hello there, i am releasing the game Intergalactic traveler as reminder of the classic games like space invaders and similar. The concept is that you need to reach the end of each stage evading all enemies and solving certain puzzles, like time countdown, labyrinth, and jumping between enemies, recollecting certain items also. In my testing it was 1:15 minutes long (pointing to an Arcade game duration also), but this game is challenging so it is going to go more than that the double of that time or maybe you can master it and is not so hard for you and can beat it in the record 1:12 that I made, there is a total of 25 stages on 5 levels (My favorite is the 19), the menu is disable since the beginning and the only way to save the game is recollecting the save points over on the stage.

    All the stages are in vertical roll scrolling with obstacles. That is the basic concept but in some scenarios it changes a little bit, I really want to make bigger maps… however is hard to make all look like an arcade in one shot map using RPG maker, and the LANE (Lag according Number of Events- also 999 limit-) is a problem for my engine, yep there is a lot of enemies and dangerous things over there in each stage.

    The whole idea of the lack of the story is that make the character available for two genders and stuff like that, I want to make a more longer videogame but there is a lot of limitations that I have that lead to do it just in this length, but in the sequel if it worth my time I will made a longer game sacrificing or letting die other projects on my life.

    Game type: Arcade, puzzle, sci-fi


    "intergalactic" "traveler" Intergalactic traveler"

    Engine: RMVXAce


    I make all (Music, graphics, level design, etc...) except: the anti-lag script of the Ace Master Demo script, more details on the ending of the game.

    Would you like to see a sequel with more levels and stuff? please support my work if you are pleased =)


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